Quickly build complex serverless applications.

  • →  Stop managing infrastructure as part of your data engineering job.
  • →  Test everything locally, even workflows of multiple functions.
  • →  Easily see where functions are used, and how long they take to run.

You've got enough to keep you busy, without configuring and running servers. Use Teal to get your existing Python code in the cloud as quickly and cheaply as possible.



Condense9 is working on making cloud systems easier to build and operate, starting with Teal. Teal is built on the belief that serverless can be easy and fast, with the right tools.

These things are held:

  • Concurrency is great. The cloud is like a computer with unlimited compute power and memory—let's use it.
  • Local testing is really important. It should be possible to run full services from end-to-end locally.
  • If it takes 10 minutes to describe an application on a whiteboard, it should not take more than a day to build it production-ready.
  • Solutions involving long-running supervisor / orchestrator services are not easy or cheap enough. The extra overhead isn't worth it.
  • YAML/JSON aren’t good enough. They’re not programming languages, they’re data structures. You can’t (easily) create logical abstractions, so you’re not really programming.

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Teal   [noun, "teel"]   A moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue.